Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Something About Love (1992) From "The Revenue of Dreams"

“Something About Love”

Just another day in another lifetime,
Just another place we will not recall,
Losing sight of things written in the starlight.
The stories that we tell each other gather into clouds.

Just another dream we will not remember,
Falling through the sky, but the stars remain.
So it comes and goes and we learn the hard way
Something about love.

The constellations form a pattern, one we know by heart.
In the swing of things, do we steal away to starlight ?

When I was a child, I would find my father
In the evening hours, staring at the sky.
Just before he died he said he saw starlight
In the corners of his eyes:
Though long ago I still remember one thing about love:

In the swing of things between love and death
We wander, looking skyward.
The sky puts no limits on love. Each cloud is on its own.
Every shape each cloud takes has its place in your past.
It lifts itself up from the heart and dances in the wind.

And would the stars be any less were they to shine unseen?
The light we see has traveled far,
And who knows if there are still stars?

Thom P. Miller
Kathy Proulx, Vocals
Thom P. Miller, Piano

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