Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Magnificat of Mary Magdalene ("Thom's Psalms":#11)

Original psalm for solo voice

My soul echoes the heartbeat of God,
A steadiness through the night
And his quickening pulse in delight,
As my soul is magnified.

My eyes have witnessed the brilliance of God,
Giving me cause to rejoice
In the gentleness of his voice,
As my soul is magnified.

My Jesus, they crucified,
His body, they took to hide;
When I was terrified He appeared at my side,
Speaking my name.

My soul sings only the praises of God,
The miracle of his Son.
Then and now and in ages to come
He magnifies this world.

This world expanding, encompassing Him,
His body and blood sublime,
Far surpassing all space and all time
As this world is magnified.

My Lord, God magnified,
God’s love personified.
This world revolving, slowly evolving
Into Himself.

Mariagnes Menden, Soprano
Thom P. Miller, 2008

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