Friday, July 3, 2009

Mariagnes Menden, Vocals and Trumpet

It has been six months since I was in New Mexico and wrote "Songs of Heart and Place", a short time, but quite long when you are waiting to hear it played for the first time. A few days ago, Mariagnes and I were finally able to get together to record it.
Nothing matches the thrill of hearing your music for the first time live. An ethereal magic that is undeniably physical. Whenever I begin to question the existence of a "spiritual" or "other world" realm, I listen up close to someone playing the trumpet or the violin or singing. To hear the emanation of sound waves moving the air molecules around on the way to the brain via the inner ear, is to have your finger on the intangible.
Just as to walk out into the high desert of New Mexico and listen to the sky and keep watch with the mountains is to come back to the very root-existence of things.

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