Monday, July 6, 2009

Songs of Heart and Place

For Trumpet, Voice and Piano

For Mariagnes and Carolyn:“We’ll always have Abiquiu…”

New Mexico
Feb., 2009

I. "Reveille at Ghost Ranch"
II. "Haiku from Abiquiu"

III.“God Brought me to This Land”

"My loss was so untimely. Hopeless was my longing.
Empty came back my outstretched hand.
God brought me to this land.
Regret hung on my shoulders. Sadness marked my body.
My home I carried in my hand.
God brought me to this land.
The spirit brought me to this land,
free to breathe and understand:
Freedom like a bird-on-wing.
Here is where I belong."

IV."The Turquoise Trail"

Reveille Reprise

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