Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I Walk The World (1996)

I walk the world as if in a dream, where things come out of nowhere
to remind me of you:
I turn a corner and go from day to night,
a fragrant night of gardenias as soft as your skin.

I walk the world as if in a trance, where i see everything as if through your eyes:
I walk by the river, where fireworks light the sky
with many colors of shattered glass that cut through the night.

I see the world as if in a room where all the walls are mirrors that reflect endlessly,
A prism of voices that echo days gone by,
like facets of a diamond with your face in every one.

The world is formless, draped in shadows, silent but for the sound of my footsteps.

I can't recall where I have been, and where I'm going I cannot say.
I walk the world one day at a time. Never lost, just not caring to where I am.

I walk the world with only one hope: to hear you say my name just one last time.

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