Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Changing Sky (1990)

The Changing Sky
For Ann Powell

There is a movement underway, underfoot,
Under where you thought you’d never find it:
Under your lover’s breath.
What was it he said?
What was he meant by understanding?
“You’d better sit down,” that’s what he told you.
And then you knew
There was a movement underway,
There was to be a movement in your future.
What did you tell yourself?
What were you thinking of?
Something to do with someone else long ago?
Someone who taught you all you know about love?

As you were, As I was saying when the sky began to change;
As it was, as you were sensing what was over and above
And underneath it all.
And now you know
You should have known:

It was a very moving time, moving up,
Moving out, from underneath the overcast sky.
What will you tell your friends?
“There’s no excuse, no one to blame.
Pardon me, I’m just a little off my game,
And the sky’s the limit for love.”

Pretty girl, you shouldn’t stop and stare,
He’ll probably take your breath away.
Yes, He will.
Then where would you be?
Trying to grow flowers upon the moon;
If you really loved him you would.
Your lover is like a silhouette,
A silhouette against the sky.
The sky’s the limit for love.

The sky above, beyond the clouds, the flowering moon.
The choices made, the changing sky, your lover’s words.

Thom P. Miller, 1990
Performed by Diane Penning, 1997

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