Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Truth of Other Times

“The Truth of Other Times”
(to Richard Brautigan)

The night falls and we take the blame,
Guilty as we are of things we never did.
The truth follows the highway out of town.
To no one’s surprise, the heart is left behind.
The sky is lit by a hunter’s moon.
The moon is lit by a drifter’s song.

Here is to the god who started this in motion,
‘hope you got ma big bang out of this,
‘glad someone did.

Here is to the seed that started this in motion,
swam upon some ocean on a jag.

In those days of laughter, In those days of singing,
there were always new frontiers:
worlds beyond words.
Now they go unnoticed, questions go unanswered;
Life can be a lot like that.

Here is to the word that started this in motion,
One should choose one’s words more carefully,
Shouldn’t one?

Here is to the love that was my heart’s devotion,
started this in motion ---Sorry, Babe.
Life has often found me out
on a jag.

Our prayers go unanswered:
buried underneath the truth of other times.

TPM, 1990
Soprano: Diane Penning

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